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Fuck the Hangover

Our team close to the client has put a lot of effort and creativity into designing a website that sells witty nutritional powder sachets to help eliminate the dreaded hangovers. This solution offers the client’s customers a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience.
Let’s start by talking about our target audience. We understand that people most likely to purchase our product are looking for a quick and convenient solution to their hangover problems. These customers may be college students, young working professionals, or anyone who enjoys a night out with friends. With that in mind, we’ve designed our website to be fun, user-friendly, and informative.

In addition to our website design, we’ve also put much thought into the logo and the packaging of the product. We’ve decided to go with a bold and eye-catching design that includes our brand name, “Fuck the hangover.” The name is inspired by the no-nonsense attitude of our target audience and our product’s promise to help them overcome the unpleasant effects of a night of drinking.

Our team has also created packaging that resembles a condom sachet with a tongue-in-cheek twist that’s sure to grab the attention of our customers. This creative approach will help make our product stand out in a sea of generic supplement packaging. The packaging design complements the overall brand image we want to portray – that the product is a quick and convenient solution to the problem of hangovers, with a hint of humour and rebelliousness. We’re confident that the packaging and the website design will help create a strong brand identity and attract our target audience.

Firstly, the website has a visually appealing layout, with eye-catching graphics and a tagline that emphasizes the benefits of our product. The page also includes easy navigation options, so customers can quickly find what they want. In addition, we’ve included a section for featured products and FAQs to help build trust and encourage purchasing.

Additionally, we’ve added a feature where customers can select different flavours and quantities and add products to their cart. To enhance the shopping experience, we’ve added a simple checkout process with a progress bar that shows customers where they are in the buying process.


  • Logo identity
  • Design system
  • IA & Wireframing
  • Responsive UI
  • Development


  • Web Product Manager
  • Graphic Designer
  • UI Designer
  • Front-end Developer



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