WORKS Eco Beach City

About the project

A real estate website designed to capture potential leads through its clean and user-friendly interface effectively.
It presents an intuitive navigation structure and provides information clearly and concisely. It includes a blog to provide valuable information to keep leads informed and build brand trust. The responsive design ensures the website is accessible and user-friendly across all devices.  This website has a highly optimised funnel, which guides potential buyers through the process quickly and smoothly. The goal is to make it easier for users to connect with a sales representative and increase their chances of making a successful sale.


  • UI Design audit
  • Design system
  • UI design for desktop and mobile
  • Wireframing & Prototyping
  • Frontend development
  • Backend development
  • Booking map custom development
  • Booking map CMS
  • Multi-language copywriting
  • Health Care Maintenance




  • Web Product Manager
  • UI Designer
  • Web developer
  • Web engineer
  • Copywriter

Research & UI Redesign

LoFi Wireframes

UI Kits & HiFi Wireframes

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